a little rambling about what i do and why i do it~

i am currently training to be a birth doula and childbirth educator. it is something that i’ve considered for the past 2 years, but it wasn’t until the birth of my own child that i really realized just how much i wanted to pursue this career. i will eventually be posting courses on my website; however, both the courses and site are under some renovation so those won’t be running until winter of 2016.

along with caring for my baby & studying, i also make jewellery and other craft items. i originally started by just selling jewellery; however, i love doing all kinds of crafts. so when a friend asked me to help her make some baby items i was not only happy to help but interested in the amazing range of home-made items for babies.
i’ve since branched out from jewellery as friends have requested many carriers and cloth diapers and i really enjoy making these pieces.
so many mothers that i create for are excited to get items that reflect their modern and simple styles. much of the commercial products out there don’t mesh with their sophisticated tastes or are well over-priced.
i try to make products that make moms proud to use/wear but also don’t break the bank.
jewellery is still one of my favourite things to make and you’ll be seeing more of my creations. but i’m always looking for new projects – so keep checking back and see what i’ve explored lately. or, better yet, make me a suggestion!

thanks for stopping by~ jillian
read more on my blog 😉

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