We’ve had our Taga bike stroller for a few months and feel that I can now give this item a fair review. One problem I have with a lot of reviews if products – and have definitely found this with the Taga – is that people are so eager to share their opinion that they do a few test runs and then immediately post their thoughts. I feel it really takes time to see both the benefits and drawbacks to a product so anything I review on this blog I will guarantee you that I gave used it quite extensively before I post about it.
Firstly, let me say, I like the Taga enough that I became a brand ambassador. Which is why I am able to offer you this coupon code for a free rain cover! That’s a $50 value! Add the rain cover to your shopping cart and use my code to get it free: JILLIAN100 http://www.tagabikes.com

I’m going to make this as short as I can because with this kind of product it’s easy to talk about it ad nausea. I’ll do pros and cons with bullet points- feel free to comment with any questions though!
I have the double seat. The front (main) seat can accommodate a child up to approximately age 6, and the back seat works to about age 3.

Let’s start with the positives:
– it’s a bike, then 30 seconds later it can be a stroller. The video doesn’t lie, it is that simple.
– theoretically you can ride to a store, switch to stroller and then go inside and shop
– I’m not super fit but even I can ride it around for quite a while over various terrain
– steers differently from a standard bike but after a few outings it becomes more natural and handles very well. One note- go very slowly on the first few trips as it can be easy to lose control when first adjusting to the bike steering – with kid(s) up front you can talk to them and they have a great view – it is one of the smallest kid cargo bike that I have seen
– it is a great looking bike. Comes in wonderful bright colours (orange, red, green, blue)
– the version I purchased came to about $2500 CAD. This makes it a significant purchase but also one of the least expensive kid cargo bikes
– the Taga, in my opinion, seems to be sturdy and well made. I wouldn’t put my kids in it otherwise
– it is a great solution to transporting two children without resorting to a bike trailer. I dislike the idea of dragging my kids far behind me and so low to the ground. This way I can go out alone with both kids. They are in my view and sitting up high
– customer support is amazing. I asked many questions before buying and many after. The Taga rep always got back to me in a timely manner. When the shipping rate exceeded their original quote, Taga refunded me the difference without hesitation
– Taga is FUN! It’s fun for everyone to ride and it’s even fun for spectators to watch you ride. You will make a lot of new friends with this bike 🙂

And for the drawbacks:
– specific to the double seat option there are three issues: 1) you cannot switch between stroller and bike modes with the kids in the seats. Leaving you to unload everyone and reload. 2) the back seat is quite cramped making it difficult for that child to see or even move their head with a bike helmet on. 3) the rain cover only fits on the front seat
– though small for this type of bike it’s still big for some doorways or when trying to store it. We would use ours far more often if we had a garage in which to keep it and simply wheel it out
– the bike seat should be covered during stroller mode. It is located on the undercarriage and very close to the ground.
– not necessarily a drawback but it is a limitation, the Taga is for local trips and not for long distance travel or commuting
– due to a necessity in the design, when in stroller mode it has a fixed front wheel. Makes steering for long distances a pain
– not much storage. If you are doing any outings with two kids there simply isn’t enough room for all the stuff kids need. You’ll have to ride with a backpack on.

Summary: if you want to take your child or children out biking or to local outings frequently then this is a fabulous purchase. You can talk to the kids, while they enjoy the scenery. You can get more out of your purchase by buying other parts such as a cargo bin after the kids stop using the seats. If you are committed to getting a kid cargo style bike then this one is economical, stylish, compact, easy to ride, and has great customer support.

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