We have made it 6 weeks with the new bub. Even the second time around the first two months are hard. It is a blur of survival: nursing, sleeping, holding, rocking, carrying, screaming, crying, changing. And all of this is without the smiles and coos and gurgles that carry through the hard parts. Those come soon but not yet. This week I needed an easy pie and this no bake key lime with Ritz cracker crust did the trick. ‎ (http://www.thesugarhit.com/2015/02/no-bake-key-lime-pie-with-ritz-crust.html ) Again, like all easy versions there is something lost in the short cuts. I found this pie delicious but lacked some of the limey zing as well as being very rich. Too rich. The cream makes a slice feel like you’ve eaten an entire pie. But the simplicity is what I needed this week. I find the second baby easier in so many ways, but new babies are a lot of work for little payoff. They are a black hole of adorable need but they give nothing back. ‎They lack personality and loving feedback. Next week is approximately when he will start smiling and gurgling and I think that will change the game for me.