North Korea be crazy. Image:

After the full horror of the holocaust was revealed the global community swore that this would not happen again.  That we as humans could not stand by and allow such atrocities to occur again.  There were signs of what was going on even before the wars occurred, but outside Germany countries sat on their heels and waited.  It is again that reaction of suspecting violence or abuse and feeling it is not your place to step in until you’re “sure”.  The problem, as I’ve discussed before, is that you will never be sure until you intervene in some way.  You have to stick your nose in and be brave.

Genocide has happened in many countries since then.  These conflicts often flare up and fade quickly.  Peace keepers and various armies have attempted to intervene in some.  And yet there is a country that has been running concentration camps for over 50 years and we are all standing by as it murders its own people.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea as it is commonly known.

Today Barack Obama talked about it may be time to consider further sanctions against North Korea ‘that have even more bite’ as the country is threatening its fourth nuclear test.”  There are so many things that bother me about this statement.  The word “may” is irritating to say the least.  But the reason he gives, the threats of further nuclear tests, is just so wrong.  People are being tortured and mass murdered in this country and President Obama is upset about another nuclear test?  I am not saying that we shouldn’t be worried about the possibility of DPRK having nuclear arms, but the fact is that sanctions do nothing, it’s time to move in and end this “cease fire” and invade.  The longer everyone waits, the more developed the North’s nuclear power will be, and the more people will die.

Ok, I admit I am no military general, but something more has to be done than these weak sanctions.  I’m sure there are good reasons to not invade, but then every country should agree not to have any business with North Korea.  No goods enter, no goods leave.  Nobody seems to want to go this far because it will “hurt the civilians”…. who are already starving and being tortured and killed?  Oh, and we don’t want to tick of China.  Well sorry to be vulgar but, F$%& China.

I’m not going to get into a side rant on all the awful human rights violations that go on in China, but needless to say they are not the country that we should be listening to in regards to intervening in a civil liberties situation.

The UN has stated that North Korea is like a Nazi State.  They have “prisons” which are essentially concentration camps.  Citizens are arrested for the most minuscule violations, and often do not know why they are being arrested.  Three generations of their family are imprisoned with them.  At these prisons people are tortured and killed again for the most minor of infractions.  They are starved and made to work long hours of hard labour.   Does this sound familiar at all?!?!?!  The UN wants those responsible in DPRK to be tried in the International Criminal Court – that’s where you go for war crimes and crimes against humanity in case the importance of this is not evident.

If you’d like to know more about this regime and what is currently happening there, then a great documentary to watch is Kimjongilia, or this short video on Upworthy.

We have to stop with maybes, halfhearted sanctions, and pretending we don’t know about the suffering these people are enduring.  DPRK is not on it’s 3rd cruel dictator.  A father, a son, and now a grandson have caused millions of people to suffer for six decades.  Each has groomed the next and indoctrinated them into this world of absolute power, and each appears to be more insane than the previous.