A garbage man's collection of dis-guarded wins
A garbage man’s collection of dis-guarded wins

Tim Horton’s annual Rrroll up the Rim to Win contest is back on.  As Canadians, we love Rrroll Up time.  Since you’re already going to buy a Timmy’s coffee, then why not also have the chance to win the next one free, or a muffin, or a Car! at the same time?

For those of you who do not know what this is, it is quite simple.  You buy your coffee, and when you’re finished you roll up the edge of the paper cup to see if you’ve won something.  Most often it’s another coffee or a donut (or muffin).  It’s a nice perk, but generally I end up giving mine away.  I don’t eat the muffins or donuts very often and usually I treat someone to the free coffee rather than use it for myself.  Overall I can afford a coffee that costs about $1.30, and if I really want a donut I can budget for that as well.  Most people going to Tim’s have the money to buy the coffee, because they do so every work day of their lives.

So why don’t we just donate our free coffees and food to the homeless?  The most common reason people give me for not giving change to the homeless is that they “don’t know what they are going to spend it on”.  Well, if you give them a coupon to Tim’s you know exactly what they are going to use it for.  Let’s stop being selfish and pass on some of the good we get in our lives.  The homeless population does not have a lot of good in their lives.  They have cold or extreme heat, constant judgement showered upon them, problems finding places to bathe or sleep, risk of being harmed by almost anyone, they live in a continual vulnerable state.  It is a hard life.  Give them a little positive.

I am not going to enter into my whole homeless rant about how people treat this population, but I will just say this.  If you read or hear enough stories about how these men and women became homeless you would quickly realize that we are all on that precipice.  Any one of us could have enough bad luck or make enough poor judgments to end up on the streets.  This populations suffers from many issues and they are NOT all addiction related, mental health is much higher on that list.  Not every person on the street is there because they are an alcoholic or drug addict, and many became addicts because of the reality of their street existence.   We pass by someone begging for money and think we couldn’t be in that position because we are not that stupid, but it is not often stupidity that has caused this outcome.

Lastly, I will just say why I give money (and Tim’s prizes) to homeless.  Because I don’t care if they use the money for booze.  I don’t live in their shoes.  I don’t know how hard each day of their lives are.  I just hope that should I ever be there that someone would do as I do now, and give me a chance.  That dollar may be for an apple, and so I choose to believe it is.  A ticket for a free coffee, is for a free coffee so let’s pass them on 😉