With the new year comes a feeling of positivity, at least for most people.  New hopes, fresh aspirations and dreams for what can be accomplished in the next 365 days.  I’ve never been one to make resolutions as, I guess, I’ve always found them to be quite false.  They’re often all from the same list: get healthier!  lose weight!  eat better!  go to the gym every day!  do more!  be better!   Basically a list of overly grandiose vague ideas that will soon be forgotten as we slide back into our normal routine of unhealthy over-weight “do nothing” days.

Essentially, I find resolutions sad.  Harsh judgments we make on ourselves and our lives, which we then proceed to abjectly fail at changing anything about.

That being said, I do love that we try to better ourselves and that there’s that feeling of renewal to the beginning year.  I’ve also heard some resolution success stories which makes them more appealing.  One friend committed to drawing 1 hour per day for the year, and though he had a bit of a back-log to catch up on at the end of the year he did knuckle down and do 365 hours of drawing that year.  And the payoff was amazing~ a portfolio of 2012 which he wouldn’t otherwise have had and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Then I read this article: what successful people do on weekends.  I’m not concerned specifically with the part of being like a successful person; however, I did notice that I often let me weekends slip by to simply fall into non-existence.  I return to work and literally cannot think of a single thing I did, simply because my weekend was so mundane as to be forgettable.

This article brought up one great point~ make a plan.  A simple plan, and accomplish it.  What struck home about this is that I LOVE LISTS.  Love them.  And my favourite part is crossing things off of them.  So this idea is right up my alley.  The other issue is that I have a toddler who deserves more than just forgettable weekends, and many friends who I rarely see because I feel so busy with my toddler and overwhelmed by the idea of travelling to their houses for a visit.  So I am going to make a resolution, but not a vague one that is doomed to failure but one with definition.  One that is attainable because it doesn’t exist in some ether like “being healthier”.  I’m going to make simple plans for my weekends and accomplish them.  2-3 tasks/activities per day that include both relaxing items as well as one “exciting” event for our toddler to enjoy (a visitor coming to us, or our going to them, going to the zoo, etc.)

I think it will be something that will benefit us as a family.  Right now, with my partner working nights, our Saturday is somewhat of a waste.  The little one is up at 5AM (I know, kill me!)  and we drag ourselves about for the morning till Dad gets home around 8:30.  Then it’s another few hours of playing in our living room till we go out for breakfast.  Then nap time and this is when my partner generally heads to bed.  So I feel like I have 6 hours after nap where I’m looking at an eternal stretch of amuse the child while getting chores done.  How unappealing does that day sound?  For everyone!  Yet 6 hours is a lot of time to be DOING things, not just existing.  So that is my plan for the new year to “do things” and create memories for myself and child because our time seems to be speeding past.  She’s not longer a baby and soon she won’t be a toddler…. and then not even a child 🙂