I am unbelievably disappointed in the CBC this week.  They have written not only one article on a ridiculous woman, but now have done a second one with expanded information and research!  What am I talking about you may ask?  It is a Winnipeg woman who spilled hot tea on herself while in a moving car, and is now whining that it is Tim Horton’s fault that she burned HERSELF.  And is now demanding that there be “regulations governing the temperatures of hot beverages at restaurants” because she cannot manage her own cup of tea without giving herself 3rd degree burns.
What bothers me about the CBC articles is:
1) they are giving this woman a soap box upon which to even broadcast her ludicrous demands.
2) they have now posted two articles, giving both more credence to her whining, and also keeping this stupidity in the news for a second day.
3) they have done research and investigation into the heat of beverages such as tea and are IMPLYING that a hot tea is “too hot” when we all know that tea is intended to be brewed at boiling or near boiling temperatures.
4) there is no mention of the other side, mainly that this is STUPID and that we should all have personal responsibility for our own actions.  Tim Horton’s is not at fault for giving her a hot beverage which she ordered and paid to have.  The car manufacturer is not at fault for putting cup holders in the car.  The paper cup company is not at fault because the lid came off.  She made a choice, she needs to live with that choice, millions of people do every day.

What should actually happen regarding this burn is not government regulations.  Lisa Marchant should stop being a whining fool about her own mistake and take responsibility for her actions by, in future, learning a lesson from this.  She should not order a green tea while in a vehicle unless she has a travel mug where the lid would be secure.  Perhaps she should stick to milk or juice, or just wait till she’s able to sit at home and have her husband blow on her tea until it’s cool enough to drink and then spoon feed it to her VERY carefully…. because if he burns her, dear god, it will be a lawsuit!

In some ways I didn’t even want to post anything about this, as it’s just giving her more attention, but I felt that the CBC wasn’t doing any justice to the other side of this story.  They are essentially supporting her, and I feel like most Canadian’s would think that’s total crap.  So her it is in writing, Lisa, I do hope that your leg fully heals and that this incident does not cause you permanent damage; however, you are being unbelievably stupid and if I end up getting lukewarm tea from Tim Horton’s in the future because of you I’m going to be furious.  Stop being a twat and embarrassing yourself and everyone who is associated with you.  Your friends no longer want to be seen with you.