Yes, YOU. You being that person who won’t sit on a public toilet seat. YOU are the exact person who pisses on them. The rest of us who SIT on the seat leave it clean!
The person who uses the toilet seat like a squatter, and leaves shoe prints on it. YOU make the toilet unsanitary.
The person who hovers, allowing piss to splash all over the place then walk away. YOU make the toilet unsanitary.
The person who covers the seat in toilet roll then walks away leaving the tissue for the next person to remove. YOU make the toilet unsanitary.
The person who thinks the toilet handle is too dirty for them to touch and so doesn’t bother to flush, thus leaving a toilet bowl full of sh*t and piss for the next person. YOU make the toilet unsanitary.
If we all just sat our asses down on the seat, and flushed when we were done, then the goddamned public toilets would be CLEANER! I have done so for 35 years now. I have never caught Anything from a public toilet. What I have done is clean up after hundreds of supposed “sanitary neat freaks” who leave their excrement for others to take care of. And when I’m done, you know what I do? I WASH my hands. Ya, don’t think I haven’t noticed that the more germ-phobic the person the less they tend to wash their hands. They’d rather avoid the bacteria covered taps and walk around with unclean hands. Apparently, if you are freaked out by public toilets you all suffer from believing that you do not spread germs yourself.
In the end, if you worry about “catching” something from a public washroom it’s probably because you are under the mistaken belief that every treats the rest room like you do. Like a pig.
Grow up and sit your ass down, flush the toilet, and wash your filthy hands. It would make it a lot better for the rest of us.