unfortunately in spite of the winter weather holding off I have still been unable to ride my bike in. I had a bad bout of vertigo about 4 weeks ago now which kept me bedridden for over a week and since then it’s taken me ages to feel secure in my balance. i’d say i’m back to normal now; however, the month away from riding has undermined my confidence in tackling the city commute, so i’ve made the decision to pack it in for the winter and start fresh in spring.
this means i’m on transit every day. it hasn’t been terrible, but some days you can just feel the loathing and today was one. the vibe on my streetcar was palpably negative. the whole ride all i could hear was grumblings, minor scuffles, and out-right yelling about the lack of space.
i get on so early that i always get a seat which, thankfully, keeps me out of the fray. that doesn’t mean that the frustration hasn’t seeped into my bones by the time my stop arrives though.
so today i definitely walked into the office in a black mood. perhaps some vegan lunch will brighten me up.