thumbs downis that after more than a month of biking i was back on the streetcar… and, frankly, it’s a real shock to the system!
suddenly having to wait for a car to come.  having to find a seat.  having to sit next to another annoying human being.  not knowing how long my trip to work will take.

what i find the most difficult about being on transit is the general lack of courtesy that people exhibit.  for example when i was getting off, the person next to me couldn’t be bothered to get up and let me out.  they did the “turn sideways and let you squish by”.  it’s a little thing to be irritated by, but then isn’t it just a little thing to stand up and graciously allow someone to get past you?

what was worse is the person sitting in front of me had the same issue- only she was pregnant!  do we not even move out of the way for pregnant women now?!

it was a reaffirming morning.  i will be riding for as long as the weather holds out.