mei-tai carrier!
i adore this style of carrier because of it’s total simplicity, and ability to grow with your child.  it can be used front or back and you don’t need an assistant to help you get it on!  (the back is a bit trickier, but with practice it’s very easy.)  this is a carrier that’s been used in asian cultures for eons.
i also make slings (post coming) which are great for hip carrying support for toddlers; however, the mei-tai always feels more stable to me.  the ties give me more security, especially for very wee ones.  this carrier allows me 2 hands free, no problem.
everyone just needs to find what works best for themselves- try a few styles out and see what you feel good in, feel secure using, is visually appealing (maybe that’s just important to me ;)) and something that you can definitely use alone.

link to mei-tai carrier

image of a mei-tai baby carrier
a secure carrier that allows for 2 free hands and will grow with your child (up to 36lbs)