I’ve had a website for a long time.  It started out as a personal hobby site, to learn a bit about making a site and to post pics for friends and family.  Then it became a way to keep everyone up to date on my life when I moved to Korea for 2 years.  Now it’s for my business.

But I’m feeling like the progression has gone a bit awry.  The site, being originally just for fun, was named in the same vein (pixietrix).  Now with it being a business it seems off kilter & somewhat random.  And, in fact, is random.

I could easily get a new domain and move the site; however, the issue is that my business is run under my name.  As a side venture this is the easiest way to go in relation to tax and government issues.  Sadly the domain jilliandempsey is taken by the make-up artist, so now I’m left trying to brain-storm other urls.

The dilemma is, do I just go with the dot ca and hope that people don’t mistakenly buy some make-up, or move in an entirely different direction, or just stand by my original site?  I like jillianschaos as a possibility, since I make a variety of items to sell.  Jewelery interests me one day, and then next I decide I feel like making purses, or baby items…. a bit chaotic, but I prefer variety.

It’s time to stop with the fractal thinking though and make a decision.  A thoughtful and deliberate one.  Let’s hope my next post comes with resolution.